Come Home Now

It is time for our conservative sons and daughters serving in the military to lay down your arms and burn your re-enlistment papers. Take any legal path you can to leave the military. The "US of KKKA" has just spat in your face and dishonored your selfless service. You have done every superhuman task we have asked of you and you have served hard and honorably and we have failed you and for that I weep. We have allowed the scourge of socialism to defeat the nation that you and I have fought and bled to preserve. We've allowed it to fall in a bloodless coup. You have not failed us. We have failed to defend your blood sacrifice from the ungrateful chasers of celebrity.

It is time for the pampered sons and daughters of liberal mothers and fathers to bear the arms and suffer the wounds a liberal presidency will inevitably inflict on them. It is time for liberal parents to bury their offspring before their time. Let them show us how the entitled serve. It is time to test their mettle. Let them handle the next inevitable Mogadishu. It's their turn for a change. It is their turn to have rules of engagement that require a lawyer to determine if they may return incoming fire or not. It is their turn to be sent into war in a truck when they should have a tank. Let them catch the bullets fired by foes they refuse to immure. It is time for Hollywood to defend us from our foes.

It is their turn.

Come home now and rest your weary heads, embrace the loving families you have for so long abandoned to serve. Turn your hand from the gun to the plow, salve your wounds and rest in the welcoming appreciative warmth of your hearth.

I vow from this day forward that I will try to dissuade every conservative youth with a mind to military service not to enlist to defend this country. I will join with the liberals in this task in which they have been so long engaged and I suggest that you, my readers do likewise.


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