Election Day 2008

Well my friends and faithful readers, we stand once again upon that familiar precipice. We look out over the vast chasm of possibilities and wonder what new reality tomorrow might bring.

Will we wake to a world where our nation is ruled by the whims of the fickle fad following hordes that believe science is done by consensus and it takes a village to raise a child? The same gaggle that believes that disarming the law-abiding is key to the reduction of violent crime.

Or, will we wake to a world where the far more preferable candidate, common sense and pragmatism have prevailed in the face of the prevailing wind of cultish celebrity worship.

The choice is yours my friends. You have the power to decide our fates. It is in your hands. You must express your will and make your voice be heard. If you do not than you can not complain about the outcome.


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