When is it too late?

A co-worker came to me yesterday and asked me an interesting question. One that I had pondered myself a few times. He asked, "How would one go about burying a gun for use in case the shit hits the fan?"

At first blush the question is illustrative of the over-arching angst that is being suffered all across this nation with the impending Obama presidency book-ended with a willing and compliant congress. It is reported that gun sales all across the country are up to record levels. Scary black guns and handguns are flying off the shelves faster than they can be ordered.

This angst of course, is celebrated by the trendy assholes that elected that prick. To them, all I have to say is, "I hope he curtails your favorite right just after he curtails my right to defend it for you". (Have I mentioned lately that I can't stand trendy yuppie assholes?) It is telling that so many of your countrymen disbelieve this asshole's feigned support for their rights. Time will tell. Soon you too will find that "rich" does not begin at $250,000 or even $120,000 but at the point of being merely employed. Your favorite promise too shall go un-kept.

So at any rate returning to my co-worker's question... It is indeed a question that I had thought about in the past. I've seen people talking about PVC pipes full of inert gasses to prevent rusting or packed full of grease. I suppose if I were going to create such a larder, that is how I'd go but why? When you think of it, if they are coming door to door, confiscating your lawfully acquired possessions, what more impetus do you need really? What are you going to wait for?

You see it is this restraint that has cost us our rights. We are loathe to start a ruckus and because of that our law-makers have ridden rough shod over our rights. It is our silence that has cost us so dearly.

Every potential invader of this nation has been forced to confront the fact that the armed citizenry presented a insurmountable barrier to invasion. It was our gun-toting fore fathers that carved this nation from the raw wilderness and those same gun-toting red necks that booted old Europe out of control of it. We gun owners are a force to be reckoned with, if only we could find our voice. We represent the largest standing army on the face of the planet. The only thing we lack to be effective is some form of central command. If we had raised our voice... said "this far and no further" perhaps our law makers wouldn't have banked on our inactivity while enacting "common sense gun control"... aka the abridgment of our rights and removal of our power.

So let me ask you, my readers what you think on this subject?

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